SNEHAM… Love & Compassion towards the disadvantaged students

Apart from women empowerment, the vision of the Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Mahila Mandal is inclusive of support to the needy of society and help them improve their life physically, financially, socially & spiritually.


Under the guidance of the current president, Smt. Neelam Sethia, ABTMM set out with a mission to help disadvantaged sections, to uplift and support various strata of society.


Mrs. Neelam Sethia was instrumental in curating a special program under the name & style of ‘SNEHAM” for special people thereby giving advantages to the disadvantaged section.


There are four main types of disabilities - physical, developmental, behavioural or emotional, and sensory impairment. A project targeted towards inclusivity, Sneham has been a flagship program of the ABTMM, focusing on supporting students with disabilities, especially the deaf, dumb, and blind.


Children with Special Needs are those that get neglected in daily living, be it in education, building infrastructure to suit their needs, focusing on their growth and development, job opportunities, and general inclusivity in day-to-day activities.


With this in mind, ABTMM took the initiative of providing braille books for blind children and books with sign language for children who are either deaf or dumb. The idea is not just to provide books but change the way society looks at and treats these children. Sneham, means love and affection, and it is these words that form the foundational objective of the entire program.   


This project was noticeably supported by leading stalwarts like Gautam Gambhir, Esha Deol and Anuradha Koirala.  Under the directives of ABTMM, its branches carried out 66 projects throughout India & Nepal, reaching out to more than 11,000 students providing them braille books, auditory materials and speech recognition softwares.


General Secretary Smt. Madhu Derasariya and Project National Convener Smt. Nitu Ostwal ably assisted the project by motivating all the branches to implement this project.


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