A project to support those who support us in having an easier life.


The overarching vision of the Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Mahila Mandal (ABTMM) is to provide assistance to women and those less fortunate within our society, aiding them in enhancing their physical, financial, social, and spiritual well-being.


Under the leadership of President, Smt. Neelam Sethia, ABTMM has embarked on a mission dedicated to uplifting house helpers. This mission entails recognizing their invaluable contributions, elevating their quality of life, and providing essential support for the education of their children.


Mrs. Neelam Sethia has played a pivotal role in devising a specialized program named 'AID TO ASSISTING HANDS,' tailored to cater to the needs of home helpers. Through this initiative, she has successfully brought these individuals into the mainstream of society, ensuring their rightful place and participation.


The adage "Charity begins at home" has been a familiar refrain, and at ABTMM, we are striving to embody its essence in our lives. Many of us are fortunate to have household helpers who greatly contribute to our daily routines, taking care of chores, cooking, and tending to both the elderly and children.


Regrettably, these individuals often remain in the shadows, performing essential work that often goes unnoticed, and they are frequently excluded from social welfare programs.


The living conditions of home helpers are currently in a state of distress. The intention behind this program was to uplift the quality of life for these individuals, while also imparting knowledge about hygiene and various health-related practices. The primary objective of this program was to foster a sense of belonging among home helpers within both the family and the broader societal context.  Workshops were conducted for the same.  Home helpers were honoured with gifts and cash rewards.


Access to proper healthcare and government services is often challenging for them. The inception of the 'Aid to Assisting Hands’ initiative aimed to address this disparity by providing health insurance coverage, thereby alleviating some of their immediate financial burdens. Each member is encouraged to assist their respective house helpers in obtaining health insurance, simplifying the process of documentation and application.


Over the course of two years, this initiative has successfully extended its support to a substantial number of house helpers—1000 individuals, across 60 TMM branches. Through this endeavor, ABTMM has managed to reciprocate the support we receive from these helpers, fostering a sense of mutual care.


The project was meticulously spearheaded by Smt. Deepa Parakh and Smt. Babita Bhutoria serving as its conveners, and their efforts have resulted in the seamless execution of this project throughout the country.


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