Kanya Suraksha Yojna

Kanya Suraksha Yojna meaning Save the Girl Child Plan is the project being carried on by Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Mahila Mandal  past 18 years. For the term 2017 - 2019 under the President-ship of Kumud Kachhara, the Secretary Neelam Sethia, has taken this project to new heights......

Men and women are like the two tracks, both of which are necessary for the train of nature to move forward & sustain human life. The diminishing number of women & boy:girl ratio is a worrying issue. In the girl-safety, girl-progress program, our Organization intends to bring about revolution in the thought process of the people, so the daughter's can live and not just live but live with dignity and equality. With this objective, lot of effort and thought has gone into the planning of the project and many programs have been conducted over the years. Here are some of the many activities ABTMM has organised under the mission :-
  1. Zonal Workshops for talented & passionate young girls with high moral values conducted all over the country to help them progress in their life goals.
  2. Various workshops, competition and training sessions at regular intervals for young girls  to unleash their hidden talents and enable their skills to blossom optimally and rapidly. 
  3. Career guidance camps for young girls.
  4. Self defense classes & empowerment workshop 
  5. Undertaking small vows are encouraged among girls to which teach them the value of slef control and determination
  6. Activities to promote the spirituality among young girls
  7. Organizing awareness rallies against female infanticide all over the country.
  8. Establishing traffic islands to propagate and promote our objective of save the girl child. Our branches have made around 50 Save the Girl Child traffic islands across the country so far.


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